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Office supplies, including Scotch® Brand Tape Dispenser, Scotch™ Scissors and Scotch® Magic™ Tape

Scotch™ Brand

For decades, we’ve been celebrating everyday ingenuity by inventing products to help fix, ship, mount, make and create.

For every problem, there’s a solution. For every project, there’s Scotch™ Brand.

Scotch™ Brand - fix, ship, mount, make and create

  • Drawer with office supplies, including Scotch® Brand Tape Dispenser and Scotch® Magic™ Tapes

    At the Scotch™ Brand, we believe in resourcefulness and ingenuity. We exist to help people discover the magic of being hands on. But in order to do a job well, you need the right tools.

    Since the invention of the first transparent tape in 1930, Scotch™ Brand and 3M have offered more than 400 varieties of adhesive tape and countless other products from spray adhesives and super glue to tape dispensers and laminators.

    For every project there’s an ideal tool. We’d like to help you find it.


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    Find your product. Start by exploring the Scotch™ catalogue. Use the search bar to find exactly what you need.


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    When you find the product you want to buy, click the product title or image to visit the product page.

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    If the product is available to buy online, a ‘Buy Online’ option will be visible on the right, listing the stores that sell Scotch™ products in your country. Select the retailer you want to buy from, and click ‘Buy Now’.